This intimate story is about the relationship between two passionate filmmakers and the big apex predators they have worked with. Dereck and Beverly Joubert, filmmakers, researchers and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence have worked with lions in Botswana for over 25 years trying to discover as much as they can about these big cats. Unravelling many myths, and unveiling new behaviour to science.

Today though they change gears and set out to study a different cat. They struggle to adapt to the new habitat, a different pace, and a very elusive cat challenges their resolve. But when they find a leopard of 8 days old their lives change. As they follow the cub and her mother, two wild leopards in the Mombo area a special kind of bond starts to develop between the humans and these elusive cats. Their film Eye of the Leopard tells the story of this young leopardess as she grows up. This film tells the story of the relationship that she develops with Dereck and Beverly, one that turns their lives upside down, challenges their ethics and over 25 years of working limits. It is passionately told, and in many ways a story of internal conflict, testing of boundaries and seduction... The seduction of Dereck and Beverly Joubert by a young leopard who came out of its den and into their lives.

For many years viewers around the world have asked to see how the Joubert’s work, a behind the scenes look at what makes a major National Geographic documentary and at last we have it in this work.

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Aspen Film Festival, People's Choice, Best Documentary 2007 (USA)

Jules Verne Film Festival Youth Choice award 2008 (France)

Finalist 14th International Film Festival, Stambecco D’Oro Trophy, 22 - 29 August 2009,
Cogne Valle d’Aosta Grand Paradis (Italy)

Ark Trus: Genesis Award (USA)

WCFF 2013: Award for Best Overall Film Category (New York, USA)