A Leap for Legadema

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For leopard cub Legadema, the magnificent Okavango Delta, located in Botswana, Africa, is a dangerous place to grow up. With her mother’s guidance, Legadema learns to hide, hunt, and survive. Soon,
she gains the confidence to strike out on her own. But her steps toward independence aren’t without a few close-calls— like the time she was busy playing and nearly became a hungry lion’s snack! Will Legadema be prepared when the time comes for her to make her own way in the big, big world?

Follow along with National Geographic filmmakers and Explorers-in-Residence Beverly and Dereck Joubert and learn not just about this one little leopard, but about what it takes for all of us to forge family bonds, to find courage, and to find our place in the world.


Face to Face with Lions, a new book due out in 2007 for children between 7 and 10 about what it is like to live with lions for National Geographic books new and very successful series called Face to face with… It is a chance for Beverly and Dereck to exhibit her work to a new generation of readers and to excite them about wildlife and the need to look after the planet.






You’re in the Land Rover, observing elephants from a safe, respectful distance. It’s a hot, hot day in the African bush, and the windows are down. But what’s this? Suddenly, you’ve got company! An elephant trunk is nosing around in your luggage for some water. Nothing new to Beverly and Dereck Joubert, the wildlife writers and filmmakers who get up close and personal with elephants of all sizes, experience their complex social structure, and witness first-hand their deepest emotions. Through Beverly’s stunning photographs and Dereck’s engaging narration, readers can follow the plight of a trapped baby elephant, discover the compassion of these gentle giants, and learn of the threats they face. The Jouberts take readers face to face with the elephants as they come under attack from lions... and from mankind. Learn how to help protect these animals and prevent shrinking herds being driven into ever smaller parcels of land.


You’re crouched in the African brush, camera at the ready. You’re waiting on one of nature’s loners. It’s dark. It’s scary. Then silently, he appears; the ever-elusive leopard. You have seconds to capture on film this wonder of the wild, with its exotic spotted fur, so prized by hunters. National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert take you closer to the mystery of the magnificent leopard and make a passionate plea to young readers to help secure a future for these feline treasures.





Antelopes leap! Elephants roam! Lions stalk and zebras gallop! Wild creatures from all over the African continent scamper through the pages of this delightful book, giving beginning readers a fascinating way to learn the alphabet while discovering some of their favorite animals. Award-winning filmmakers and photographers Dereck and Beverly Joubert bring their vivid images of African wildlife to this superbly engaging alphabet book.

Readers will find brief that text offers basic information about each animal alongside each letter and the corresponding wildlife photo. In some cases, more than one creature represents a particular letter. In a market filled with animal books, this high-interest choice stands out for the power of its photography, the track record of its authors who have won critical acclaim for previous children’s titles, the tremendous kid-appeal of African animals, and the proven reliability of the National Geographic brand.


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