From award-winning filmmakers and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert comes Game of Lions. According to Dereck Joubert, there are 20,000 lions left on Earth. Only 3,500 of those are males. We follow the journey of the lives of young males in the African bush and their potential to be king. From the birth of a male to his exile from his pride, our cameras follow along as males roam the jungles in an effort to spread their bloodlines through the kingdom.

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Green Screen 2014 Nomination for best animal behavior (festival has not taken place yet).

EMMY – Nomination for Best Narrator Game of Lions – Jeremy Irons (awards have not taken place yet for the 2014 ceremony)

2014 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival Game of Lions has been selected as the Award Winner for Best Feature Film.

SAFTA nominations for Best Director, Best Score, Best Cinematography and Best Film (24th Feb 2015)

12th Japan Wildlife Film Festival: Contribution to wildlife conservation Award: GAME OF LIONS 2015

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