The mysteries of the most intriguing creatures in Africa are revealed on screen here.

Silent language, gentle demeanor and a race against the elements to survive the ebb and flow of Northern Botswana's seasons is what seems to make elephants here what they are. While the species is becoming endangered elsewhere in Africa Botswanas herds are thriving and provide the ideal situation for this film; an open range of many thousands of elephants.

The story of two young calves is the hinge for investigating the lives of all elephants as they march for the water they need so desperately each year. For the first time serious contact between lions and elephants appears on film as with the underwater sequences as they swim across the Chobe river.

When an old bull elephant dies, the resulting behaviour of other elephants is astounding. A haunting ritual, not unlike ancient burials in our society is displayed, just one of the many facets of discovery in this cinematic exploration of their behaviour. Are they even more intelligent than we thought?

Considering the logical rescues of calves stuck in mud, their language skills, the compassion and caring attitudes between them, and on some occasions, to other species and the investigations of the dead it is likely. Rituals, and mystery, it is hard to leave them without a certain amount of reflection, not only on their behaviour but on ours too.

Now available digitally for the first time, Reflections on Elephants is one of the iconic wildlife films produced by Dereck and Beverly Joubert. Originally captured on 16mm film this is a PAL/NTSC quality feature - please check the quality of the trailer before buying or renting the main feature.

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Prime Time EMMY (Hollywood) Best script (USA)

Prime Time EMMY (Hollywood)  Best Sound (USA)

Houston Film festival,  Best of festival, Gold (USA)

Columbus International Film Festival (Chris Award) Best Documentary (USA)

George Foster PEABODY Award (USA)

Palmanes Prix Special du Jury Award, (France)

Stambecco d’Oro Best Editing (Italy)

Stambecco d’Oro Expolrer award Best African Film (Italy)

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