Documentary filmmakers Beverly and Dereck Joubert have worked to conserve wildlife for more than 35 years. As National Geographic Explorers in Residence, the couple influences public policy and perceptions.

For over three decades, conservationists Beverly and Dereck Joubert have celebrated nature and wildlife in documentaries, books, scientific journals, photographs and magazine articles. The couple’s arresting visual work which includes the widely viewed films Eternal Enemies, Eye of the Leopard, Last Lions, Reflections on Elephants - which has earned them seven Emmys and many other awards. The Jouberts, both National Geographic Explorers in Residence based in Botswana, are dedicated to understanding and preserving key species throughout the African continent. The couple is particularly interested in large predators, and lead the Big Cats Initiative, a campaign to stop dwindling populations and bolster public awareness.

What others say

“For the most part the lions are disappearing because of rising human-predator conflict over competition for the same resources, food and water. Observing and understanding this connectivity during decades of working in the African wilderness, the Jouberts came to realize that the solution for both cats and people lies in creating a symbiotic existence.” 
— NatGeo Newswatch

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