Poachers and intrigue, but is there something positive in African conservation? In Botswana, definitely! This film by Dereck and Beverly Joubert about the way the government of Botswana, and more specifically, the army under the leadership of General Ian Khama, reacted to the threat of poaching.

In the early 1990's a black rhino was shot by poachers and the army was called in to help. After an initial team of 30 men were put into the field they found out that poaching was rife and that the job of hunting down these hardened outlaws was not going to be easy. The force increased as did the poaching. The film follows the soldiers through their extraordinary training with lions and snakes, among other things, and then out into the field.

The chase is long and hard, set against the backdrop of Botswana's magnificent wildlife. Elephants react to the poaching by becoming shy and nocturnal. Hippos are forced into pools and battle over territories and lions at first glean the rewards as scavengers and then find themselves also under pressure as their food diminishes. Eventually the lions have to prey on young elephant and do battle against the rest of the herd to protect their kill.

While the soldiers use all of their tools; guns, helicopters, vehicles, horses and boats, the poachers use their own special weapons; wire snares, AK 47s and fire. While the wildlife adapts to the changing circumstances around them these two opponents of the same species do battle for the possession of Botswana's wild places in a spectacular fashion.

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Prime time EMMY, best music (USA)

Genesis Award, Ark Trus (USA)

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